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Butter Braids Fundraiser is starting soon!

Photo of Blueberry Butter Braid

So Delicious.

Our club will be selling Butter Braid Pastries and Cinnamon Rolls Feb 1 - 27. 

Butter Braids are beautiful, delicious pastries that comes in several flavors, and are made with high quality ingredients.  They arrives frozen so they don't have to be used right away.  When you are ready to serve it, simply thaw it out, let it rise and bake it.

Butter braids are great for special occasions, holidays, brunch, or any time.  These pastries are not sold in stores, so you may want to stock up for future occasions.  :)

Fundraising Information

As a non-profit organization, WFSC relies upon fundraising activities to help defray the costs associated with running the club. This may include but is not limited to:
·         Facility-rental ice costs
·         Equipment maintenance and purchase (sound, storage, etc.)
·         Educational opportunities for coaches
·         Ice Kicks Teams training/travel cost subsidies
·         Special events

The Woodbury Figure Skating Club arranges fundraising events throughout the year when enough skaters and their families indicate an interest in participating. The Woodbury Figure Skating Club Board or their representative must approve all fundraising activities. Members interested in organizing a fundraiser should contact the club's fundraising chair on our contact page.

Fundraising Balances

The fundraising balances as displayed in the posted spreadsheets are maintained by the fundraising chair.    WFSC utilizes the official balances as maintained by the fundraising chair for meeting club fundraising obligations.

Sample Butter Braids order form

Ongoing Fundraising Opportunities